“People are our greatest asset.”
Dave Ulrich

MOSIP was established in 2018 with the long-term vision of empowering identities for even the most under-represented in society, through robust and scalable technology. Over the years, a strong and diverse core team has been built across geographies, comprised of experts and advisors, committed to a common set of core principles and values. 

The founders of the project were conscious of the fact that in a space as complex as Digital Identity, it will take the building of a full ecosystem to make meaningful change. This meant that the ideal MOSIP Team would have to comprise of technology experts and architects, along with individuals with a strong background in policy, impact, law, and country relationship management, in order to provide insight into the regions where MOSIP got involved for the first time. In addition, with community- and capacity-building in mind, it was important that members of the team took charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with academia, commercial partners, and civil society. 

Today, MOSIP is what it is thanks to the people who work every day towards the original, collective goal of empowering lives through technology.



Core Team