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Share your Expression of Interest. Enlist your device as compliant with MOSIP through a Self-Compliance Exercise.

Over 25 Biometric Device and FTM providers across the globe are actively partnering with MOSIP to meet adopter expectations. Join this elite league!

MOSIP is delighted to invite Expressions of Interest from Biometric Device and FTM Providers through a Self-Compliance Exercise. Successful submissions will list your device as compliant with MOSIP and help you join our expanding ecosystem of service providers to advance our mission to help countries build digital foundational ID systems. 

The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) helps governments and other user organisations build and implement foundational digital identity systems specific to their needs.

Today, we are an inflection point.  We are supporting five countries in various stages of implementing ID systems based on MOSIP – from pilots to national scale roll-outs – and addressing requests from potential adopting countries. We are also geared up to enable usable, secure, and privacy-friendly digital identities for at least 200 million global citizens. 
Building and nurturing an expanding and robust ecosystem of leading service providers is integral to our mission. An active, growing community of Biometric Service Providers whose devices are compliant with MOSIP and enlisted as such is a critical step in this direction

Benefits of your device being compliant with MOSIP 

With this compliance, you can expect: 

  • Your device to be used in various projects globally with little or no change  

  • Repeatability of implementation 

  • Increased visibility of your readiness to service MOSIP-based requests through the listing of your MOSIP-compliant device on our website 

  • To qualify for potential opportunities that may require such compliance 

  • Opportunities to work with adopters in early-stage PoCs and lab tests 

  • To align and work closely with MOSIP, contributing to various technology initiatives including specification revisions 

Complete our Self-Compliance Exercise. Enlist your devices as compliant with MOSIP.

Biometric Device and Foundational Trust Module Providers stand a chance to list their devices as compliant with MOSIP after submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI) that includes a Self-Compliance Exercise  based on the Secure Biometric Interface Specifications 1.0 published in 2020 incorporating partner reviews. Here are a few quick steps:  

  1. Go through the details of the document titled ‘Self-Compliance Exercise: Biometric Devices & Foundational Trust Modules’  

  1. Extract the ‘EoI Response Format’ form in Annexure 1 on Page 9 of the EoI document and fill in details of your product 

  1. Send your EoI with the completed form to, no later than 15 April 2021 

  1. Based on your submission, MOSIP will directly connect with you as a prospective partner, and guide you on the technical exercise 

  1. MOSIP will help create interface layers aligned to specifications. You are expected to validate your devices against the test suite. 

  1. Successful testing will get your device listed on our website as compliant with MOSIP 

  For further queries, please write to us at