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The unlocking of MOSIP’s potential through Release 1.1.3: Watch the recording.


We opened the webinar season for 2021 in right earnest, centred around our latest offering, MOSIP Release 1.1.3. Set in a different format, this webinar had a panel of experts unlock the value of MOSIP through this release.

Prof S Rajagopalan welcomed a global audience and quickly encapsulated what MOSIP is about before requesting the audience to engage with MOSIP in various ways:

  • The community via contributions to code on GitHub
  • Partners of accessorial systems via closer collaboration with MOSIP and its code to facilitate tighter integration and availability of their products to more geographies
  • Start-ups/platforms via leverage of MOSIP to develop several uses cases across fintech, health tech and edu-tech among others, and  to build proprietary products for distribution to their customers

The anchor unboxed Release 1.1.3. He, along with the panel proceeded to unlock a treasure trove comprising refined design and architecture, new features, enhanced functionalities, as well as use cases and benefits.

The conversation veered seamlessly and interestingly through changes in technology stack, data handling and authentication, technology enhancements, manageability and integration. Altogether, this presented a curious audience a compelling narrative and rich insights into the vast improvements and potential of the release.

The audience was also treated to a sneak-peak into the future. The panelists provided a preview of upcoming features such as tagging and workflow enhancements, manual adjudication interfacing, partner management, resident portal and user intervention.

Watch the webinar recording through this link. 

Highlights of the unlocking journey have been captured below for your easy reference.




Overview of MOSIP


Unlock the potential of MOSIP through Release 1.1.3


Technology changes 


Manageability features


Integration with multiple systems during go live in the Republic of Philippines


Facility for dynamic UI in both pre-registration and registration modules


Reporting Framework


Changes on the server side


Deep dive on Packet Manager


About the introduction of WebSub


Experience of integrating with a credential issue over WebSub


New w3C standards incorporation

Fast Forward to the Future


Sneak-peak into upcoming LTS  from a deployment perspective


Future for contactless biometrics


Beyond ID for countries


Audience questions

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