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19 November 2020, 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm IST
05 November 2020

We are delighted to announce our new webinar series, ‘Stories from the Field’, the first of which is a spotlight on Guinea. The webinar will be held on 19 November 2020, from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm IST. Please register here to reserve your spot.

As a digital public good, MOSIP engages with countries to help them advance their agenda to establish robust foundational digital identity systems. MOSIP powers their stories of progress with its open source platform and leverage of a strong ecosystem of enablers.

During this ‘Stories from the Field’ webinar, the technical team from the Republic of Guinea (Guinea) will share experiences of their exciting journey in exploring a foundational digital ID system with MOSIP. 

The short story so far... 
Guinea faced challenges with multiple existing forms of manual ID systems as well as dependence on third parties for some of the country’s proprietary digital solutions. To deliver public services more efficiently, Guinea embarked on a digital transformation journey. 

Our story with Guinea began in September 2019. The relationship paved the way for an MoU between Guinea and IIIT Bangalore to understand, test, customize, deploy, and roll out a pilot for 4000 registrations with the issuance of an ID.

Guinea’s journey on developing a pilot solution aligned to their needs has been unique. In four months of rigorous engagement, a team of engineers from Guinea has successfully developed a Guinea-specific ID solution based on MOSIP 1.1.1. Named UNIR 1.0.0, the solution has been released internally, and is now ready to be field tested.  

Guinea is the first country in the ECOWAS region attempting to roll out a pilot with MOSIP using in-house resources. We are both proud and encouraged to witness the team successfully develop complex software systems such as a digital ID system on its own. The pilot is sure to enable the Government of Guinea to engage with the technology and implementation ecosystem more effectively, and draw up informed strategies on a national rollout based on a deep understanding of aspects related to security, privacy, interoperability, and vendor neutrality.

To know about Guinea’s story, register for the webinar here and reserve your spot.

About MOSIP Webinars
MOSIP Webinars throw light on and foster dialogues on MOSIP as a digital public good that enables countries to establish digital identities. They explore various dimensions of the open source platform and avenues for contribution or partnership to augment its value as a key digital identity enabler for countries seeking adoption.

During these webinars, Digital Identity and Technology experts from within and outside MOSIP will answer top-of-mind questions on the featured topic(s).  Countries with whom we engage in enabling their transformational digital identity journeys will share their first-hand experiences of MOSIP on the field as they work on pilots as a precursor to actual roll outs of their respective foundational digital ID systems.