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MOSIP Webinar ‘ASK US ANYTHING’, 2 September 2020 - Registration

Platform | Partnerships | Opportunities, 2 September 2020. Register now.
21 August 2020

How does MOSIP keep citizen data safe and secure, and avoid duplication?

Who can partner with MOSIP on a country’s digital identity journey?

How does MOSIP plan on embracing advanced biometrics technologies such as Contactless Fingerprint Devices?

Curious to know the answers to these questions and more?  

MOSIP Webinars throw light on and foster dialogues on MOSIP as a digital public good that enables countries to establish digital identities. They explore various dimensions of the open source platform and avenues for contribution or partnership to augment its value as a key digital identity enabler for countries seeking adoption.

During these webinars, Digital Identity and Technology experts from within and outside MOSIP will answer top-of-mind questions on the featured topic(s).

We kick off the series with an hour-long ‘Ask Us Anything’ webinar on Products | Partnerships | Opportunities on 2 September 2020 at 7:30. 

Click here to register for the webinar, indicate a topic you would like discussed in future webinars,  and to submit your top-of-mind question ahead of the event.