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MOSIP presents during UN General Assembly 2019

27-09-2019 | New York

MOSIP had an opportunity to present its innovation that addresses the sustainable development goals at an event held in conjunction with the UN General Assembly 2019. The event was scheduled on september 27th, 2019 by the United Nations Capital Development Fund, as part of its efforts through FinLab to identify innovations that impact sustainable development goals through financial inclusion and digital financial services. 

MOSIP presented its vision of digital identity as a global public good to the audience comprised of global leaders in technology and finance, industry experts, and representatives of key international organisations. 

Lack of access to identification creates barriers to access to critical services and rights, including access to financial services and credit which are critical to achieve several sustainable goals. MOSIP provides a robust and secure open source platform to provision identity to an individual who can then authenticate themselves to access services. 

MOSIP, through digital identity, can power inclusive digital transformations, by enabling deployment of critical infrastructure for effective service delivery including digital financial services. It provides a path to ensure legal identity for all by 2030, while ensuring data protection and trust. 

“There exists ample opportunities in India to provide innovative solutions that embrace the digital revolution to improve the financial health of low- and moderate-income earners. We are pleased to support these efforts through UNCDF FinLab and excited to have ideas and models from India represented on a global platform. MOSIP, by offering a platform for building foundational identity systems that can in turn power inclusive digital transformations, sets an example with their contribution towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 8, 10 and 16.” said April Khor, UNCDF Digital Innovation Specialist.