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MOSIP features in Identity Review

12 Jan 2021 | Bengaluru

In this opinion piece, the author lays the context of the identity-less, digital identity systems, and challenges of governments distributing aid during the COVID-19 pandemic with sizable chunks of their population missing.  Against this backdrop, he introduces MOSIP as an open source platform and trust framework based on ID4D principles that it endorses. He further elucidates how MOSIP provides adopting countries complete control of their digital identities while ensuring good practices.

He raises the question of how biometric data captured by MOSIP in adopting non-democratic countries would be used and quickly responds citing MOSIP’s principles which quells doubts – inclusion, design and governance, and their dimensions.

He further outlines the success of MOSIP’s trust framework with mentions of countries on the cusp of rolling out their national identity systems leveraging MOSIP, those running pilots, and prospective ones including West Africa which is considering an intercontinental platform with cross-border functionality. 

The piece ends with how MOSIP and its implementation across countries is going to be a litmus test for biometric systems when it comes to addressing concerns about safeguarding privacy. Read more.