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MOSIP features in acclaimed APIdays Live's debut in India



Ramesh Narayanan (CTO, MOSIP) highlights MOSIP’s pivotal role in enabling digital trust infrastructure

“MOSIP is an organisation based in India, but building for the world”. 
-    Jon Scheele 
     (Director, Blue Connector, Enterprise Architect, and Local Organiser, APIdays India)

On 20 May 2021, APIdays held its first live conference in India themed: Connecting 1.3 Billion Digital Innovators.

MOSIP’s CTO, Ramesh Narayanan, was invited as a keynote speaker and a panellist at a round-table discussion, along with eminent experts from the financial sector. 

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Digital Trust Infrastructure – Key to Digital Transformation

Ramesh’s insightful keynote address briefly introduces MOSIP and its focus on ‘trust in identity’. What follows is a compelling narrative on digital trust and MOSIP’s enabling role in helping build critical digital trust infrastructure around the world. Using relatable examples, such as the use of travel visas, he eloquently delves into the definitions of digital trust and the circumstances in which its importance has accelerated.

Ramesh illustrates the importance of building a ‘root of trust’ for identity through a foundational identity layer. He further outlines how MOSIP forms one of the layers of service delivery, and helps countries optimise their identity infrastructure.

From a futuristic perspective, Ramesh stresses on how interoperability and digital trust are pivotal in unlocking a digital future that will help enable seamless and real-time ways of validating identity. He also emphasises the need and importance of a Trust Framework Network and an agreed-upon, open set of standards that will address the growing and pressing need for documentation and verification across borders.

ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION – ‘ENTERPRISE STAGE’: Identity as a Foundation for Digitised Services

The round-table discussion illustrated and explored how the world is making quantum leaps in digitisation. With APIs creating tremendous impact, organisations are leveraging their power to create exemplary user journeys. Against this backdrop, and that of rampant cyber security risks (hacking, a lack of digital literacy, and increasing digital inequality) that disrupt business and cause substantial financial loss, digital trust has never been more critical. The discussion reiterated the definition of digital trust,  and progressed to illustrate how MOSIP leverages its first principles to secure it.

In a particularly important section, the discussion moves into the area of open banking; one in which digital identity has often been misunderstood, spelling out the need for validating individual and enterprise identities and creating linkages between them. 

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