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MOSIP Featured by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“Digital IDs are an effective tool against poverty. A global solution is making them available in millions.”
20-08-2023 | Bengaluru

This in-depth piece on the Gates’ Foundation website explores the origin and evolution of MOSIP as an open-source, university-incubated solution for a global identity problem. It highlights the project’s efforts towards inclusion, security, and adaptability as the keys to success in a complex field.

The feature is written by Kanwaljit Singh, Senior Program Officer — Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A long-standing supporter of the MOSIP project, Dr. Singh leads the foundation’s work on digital identity, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies.

Launched in 2000, the BMGF is one of the largest philanthropic organisations in the world, and has spent over two decades fighting poverty, disease, and inequity in collaboration with local leaders and innovators. We are grateful for the foundation’s support for MOSIP over the years, and their team’s passionate involvement in the creation and development of this feature.

Link to the story on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.