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MOSIP Enters Partnership with Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso to pilot national digital ID system on MOSIP

We are delighted to announce that MOSIP has signed an MoU with the Agence Nationale De Promotion Des Technologies De L’information Et De La Communication (ANPTIC) in Burkina Faso to build a pilot programme for a digital ID system. The partnership will begin with the aim of completing 1000 enrolments, with the potential of scaling up in the future. 

MOSIP and IIIT-B will support ANPTIC with relevant documentation and technical expertise to conceive, develop, install, and maintain the ID system. Based on the learnings this pilot will provide, a blueprint for a national-scale programme can be designed in the future. 

Through this cooperation, MOSIP will assist Burkina Faso’s ANPTIC in adoption and integration of a safe, inclusive, empowering ID platform, in accordance with principles of good ID and globally-recognised best practices. The relationship will also involve capacity-building for personnel in Burkina Faso, and support during deployment, integration, and customisation of the pilot programme. 

Speaking on behalf of ANPTIC, Dr. Inoussa TRAORE, Director-General, said: 

We would like to thank MOSIP and IIIT-B for agreeing to accompany us in the pilot phase, which constitutes a preliminary and decisive step for the forthcoming establishment of a solid and inclusive digital identification system in Burkina Faso. ANPTIC, the national technical authority for the implementation of this pilot, is working closely with national actors to ensure its success, the capitalization of experiences, and the strengthening of capacities. We remain confident about the beneficial outcome of this experience for our country.” 

Speaking on behalf of IIIT-Bangalore and MOSIP, Prof. S. Rajagopalan said: 

We thank the governments and agencies of Burkina Faso for placing their trust in the university-powered expertise of the team at MOSIP. We are hopeful that this pilot will help visualize the requirements of a strong digital ID system in the nation and enable efficiency in planning for a future roll-out. For us at MOSIP, engagements such as these make the platform stronger with every learning gained through field experiences. We are eager to be able to support Burkina Faso through what will be an invaluable experience and look forward to the journey we are embarking on together.” 

As multiple countries across the world continue to have successful digital transformations through MOSIP, we are proud to see this project grow. The organisation hopes to lay the foundation for national scale roll-outs, gain a better understanding of varied country ecosystems, and establish a robust network for the adoption of Digital ID systems. 

About MOSIP 

MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identification Platform) was incubated at IIIT-Bangalore as a global digital public good. The platform’s modular architecture, easy configuration, and customisation abilities enable countries the flexibility to build their foundational digital ID systems in a cost-effective manner.    

MOSIP was built on a strong bedrock of principles for security and privacy. The use of open standards and open-source code ensures that MOSIP is agnostic to specific applications, programming languages, and platforms, and actively works towards avoiding vendor lock-in.   

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation, NORAD, Omidyar Network, Pratiksha Trust, and Tata Trust, the platform is being adopted by the Republic of the Philippines, Morocco, the Togolese Republic, and Ethiopia, in addition to being piloted in Sri Lanka, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Burkina Faso. 

About IIIT-Bangalore 

IIIT-Bangalore is a premier educational institute, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore, India. Focused on Post-Graduate IT education and research, it contains state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class faculty, a vibrant alumni community, cutting-edge research facilities, and close industry collaborations.    

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