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MOSIP at ID4Africa 2023

Exploring Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure
30-05-2023 | Nairobi, Kenya

ID4Africa 2023, the largest international conference for the field of digital identity, recently concluded in Nairobi, Kenya. MOSIP is proud to have participated in this significant event alongside global stakeholders, partners, and partner countries.

Held at the Edge Convention Centre from May 23rd to 25th, the event featured an impressive display of technology providers and platforms from around the world, with close to 2000 attendees.

Over the course of 3 days, MOSIP conducted regular demonstrations of its technology modules, Inji and e-Signet, and participated in demonstrations of our reference integrations with OpenG2P and OpenCRVS. The demos prompted several engaging discussions around the applications and usage of digital ID systems.

The event also served as a forum for MOSIP to engage with our global technology, academic, and country partners. Over 30 technology providers and system integrators showcased their partnerships with MOSIP.

ID4Africa also provided an opportunity for MOSIP to interact with and advise countries who are looking to develop or upgrade their national digital infrastructures. We are pleased to be a part of such promising conversations, and look forward to nurturing these partnerships in the future.

Throughout ID4Africa 2023, the MOSIP team actively participated in workshops, seminars, and panels. Ramesh Narayanan, MOSIP's CTO, was a speaker at a compelling panel discussion that examined critical issues related to open-source technology, interoperability, and collaboration in Africa's digital identity landscape. Hosted by the co-founder of the ID4Africa Movement, Dr. Joseph Atick, the panel was one of many that offered a platform for global experts to unite in the efforts towards accessible, inclusive identity for all. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ID4Africa and all our technology, academic, and country partners for their invaluable time and engagement in Nairobi this year. We look forward to meeting with you again at ID4Africa 2024, as we continue our mission to empower lives around the world through digital identity.