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Calling for an Expression of Interest from ABIS & Biometric SDK providers to participate in a Self-Compliance Exercise

MOSIP is building a network of elite service providers!

Biometric devices and products are integral to digital ID systems for biometrics capture, deduplication, and authentication services. At MOSIP a standardised interface definition has been developed for uniqueness-assurance (ABIS) and the processing of biometrics (SDKs), that focuses on advanced levels of security, traceability, and interoperability. This standard provides technical and compliance definitions that a biometric solution (ABIS/SDK) and its supporting components must meet in order to be used in conjunction with MOSIP.

With promising participation from commercial ecosystem partners on the Secure Biometric Interface Compliance Exercise, MOSIP is now aiming to accelerate its commercial ecosystem further, with ABIS and SDKs providers.


With MOSIP compliance, our partners will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Ability to be used in various projects globally with little or no change

  • Repeatability of implementation - one time effort

  • Increased visibility of readiness to service MOSIP-based requests by listing your MOSIP-compliant product on our website

  • Ability to qualify for opportunities that may require such compliance

  • Opportunities to work with adopters in early-stage PoCs and lab tests 

  • Ability to align and work closely with MOSIP, contributing to various technology initiatives including specification revisions



Please refer to the following detailed document and submit documentation as required for your organisation and its services. 

Self-Compliance Exercise: Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) & Biometric SDKs

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