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Announcing the launch of the first MOSIP Experience Centre – an end-to-end walk-in MOSIP experience in Bangalore, India

13-12-2021 | IIIT-Bangalore


We are proud to announce the successful launch of the MOSIP Experience Centre at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore. The launch took place on December 13, 2021 at IIIT-Bangalore. 

As the implementation of digital ID systems accelerates across the globe, the team at MOSIP began brainstorming the best way to efficiently and transparently introduce the adoption of its platform to governments, policy makers, potential partners, and civil society.  

For Countries: 

The MEC will serve as a walk-in Proof of Concept; an end-to-end experience of the MOSIP platform. It will provide potential adopters and users the opportunity to test technologies, devices, and solutions - greatly reducing the time and risk of actual implementation. It will also be a space where learning from adopter testimonials, and real-time discussions with global experts will become a reality. The MEC will also allow the demonstration of reference integrations with potential use cases of digital ID - such as civil registration systems, e-sign, electronics health records management, etc. 

For Academia: 

The MEC will provide a learning environment for discourse on Digital Public Goods, allow for evaluation of new technologies and use cases, and be a research and testing facility for open-source code contributors. 

For the Partner Ecosystem: 

The MEC will be an avenue for partners to showcase their technologies and solutions, working in tandem with the platform, and demonstrate their potential offerings to adopters. The MEC will help accelerate adoption across regions and facilitate the integration of biometric and solution partners into our growing environment.  

Speaking of the launch, Prof Debabrata Das, Director, IIIT Bangalore said: 

“We are very happy to present the MOSIP Experience Center to the World. We hope that it provides a space for effective   demonstration, collaboration, and Co-creation on the MOSIP platform for unique identity and its applications. We invite all  the stakeholders to take full advantage of the MEC infrastructure.” 

Each MEC will be planned as a journey through the digital ID experience: 

After the successful launch of the MEC at IIIT-Bangalore, two more MECs are planned in the coming months, most immediately in Africa. Long-term, the goal is not only to encourage more partners to join MOSIP’s digital environment, but to aid potential adopters in making informed decisions while selecting their foundational ID platforms.  

We thank all our partners for believing in our vision and being a part of this milestone, forging forward with us on our journey.