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Announcing general availability of MOSIP Release 1.1

08-07-2020 | Bangalore

Barely four months into Release 1.0, MOSIP has announced its new and improved Release 1.1, bringing countries closer to leveraging MOSIP to efficiently establish effective digital ID systems. 


MOSIP Release 1.0: A functional release tested with real biometrics

MOSIP Release 1.0 was born out of our experience in building platforms, with inputs from global experts and adopting countries who convened at the first edition of a Technology Bootcamp. Announced in February 2020, it was a functional release with its core modules having been tested with real biometrics. Through this release, MOSIP as an open source platform was fully tested to be working with Software Development Kits (SDK), biometric devices and ABIS (Automated Biometrics Identification System). Its subsequent releases held the promise of enhancing non-functional requirements such as performance, scale, and security.


MOSIP Release 1.1: Feature rich and performance tuned, with enhancements

MOSIP Release 1.1 built upon MOSIP Release 1.0 is feature rich, performance tuned and includes several enhancements including engineering enhancements and new modules in addition to security tuning. The enhancements in this release make MOSIP Release 1.1 suitable for trials and pilots among countries.

Release highlights

  • New modules such as Master Data Administration and Partner Management geared towards easier platform administration and management of service delivery
  • New features such as Dynamic UI and change in packet structure which enhance MOSIP’s configurability
  • Other enhancements that improve MOSIP’s overall performance and security

Hassle-free deployment

The MOSIP automated deployer helps countries get MOSIP up and running for a staged deployment with a simple set of scripts. Production systems can use these scripts as a starting point, and then suitably modify them to align with their deployment architecture.


Upcoming upgrades:  A sneak peek into MOSIP Release 1.2 

MOSIP 1.2, the next milestone in MOSIP releases, will be a Long Term Support (LTS) version which countries can leverage for production deployment. 

MOSIP Release 1.2 has a slew of features to look forward to including performance enhancements, audit and logging reviews, reporting support, enhanced customization support, upgrade to Java 11, more integration features and additional privacy and security features. Testing kits for biometrics providers are also on the anvil.

MOSIP will provide a path to upgrade from version 1.1 to 1.2. MOSIP 1.0 adopters will be extended support to migrate to MOSIP Release 1.1.


Give it a spin today!

  • Visit the Release notes to know more about the enhancements, additional features, and design changes of MOSIP Release 1.1.
  • Use our sandbox deployer to deploy and test MOSIP.
  • Join our webinar on 30 July at 19:30 pm IST for a walkthrough of MOSIP Release 1.1, and to interact with our development team. Please register for the webinar here.
  • You can find the complete documentation here. If you have queries, you may please write to