What is a foundational identity system?

A country’s identification system is the backbone for effective delivery of public and private services. Governments are exploring the development of multipurpose foundational ID systems, in which individuals receive a unique identifier from the government that they can use for identity assertion and verification. The foundational ID can then be used to access a wide variety of government and private services.

As countries consider how best to build foundational ID systems, they face several policy and technological choices. Once these choices are made, countries often grapple with some common implementation challenges. These include ensuring uniqueness in the system, interoperability, privacy by design reaching scale, avoiding vendor lock-in and maintaining affordability.

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In response to these challenges, the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), a world-renowned technology university, is anchoring the MOSIP project as a global public good. This effort is being funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Omidyar Network.

What is MOSIP?

MOSIP is a modular and open source identity platform that helps user organisations such as Governments implement a digital, foundational ID in a cost effective way, while embracing the best practices of scalability, security and privacy harnessing the power of open source.

Being modular in its architecture, MOSIP provides lot of flexibility in how they implement and configure their foundation ID system. It is a unique, universal, and progressive digital identity system which is also an open source platform that nations can reuse freely and build their own identity systems.

Platform Approach

  • - Open Source
  • - Security and Privacy as key principles
  • - Vendor neutral & standards compliant

System Integration

  • - Designed for easy integration
  • - Configuration based approach
  • - Rollout by System Integrator

Multiple Use Cases

  • - Foundational
  • - Functional

MOSIP for Governments

MOSIP offers a vendor-neutral and interoperable solution that enables a country's foundational identity system to be its own strategic asset. The platform empowers every individual in a country with a unique identity and allows them to authenticate themselves anywhere and any time.

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MOSIP Partner Ecosystem

MOSIP provides only the core modules needed for an identity system. MOSIP Commercial Partners will be responsible for customisation and integration at a country or intergovernmental organisation level, creating specific solutions that vary according to a user's requirements.

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MOSIP Open Source

The MOSIP codebase and documentation will be made available very soon, please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when it happens.

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